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Clear, focused, concise and yet comprehensive within its subject. Lenny Delligatti manages to clearly convey understanding of SysML fundamentals covered by his SysML Distilled book while enhancing those basics with practical engineering examples and awareness of strengths and limitations of the language. His humor, patience with questions, and thoroughness made each of the 14 modules well worth the time. As I’d hoped, Lenny has made a useful addition to my professional problem-solving toolbox.

— N. Jay Harris, PE, Subsystems Engineer, GDLS

OCSMP Accelerator SysML Training Course

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The OCSMP Accelerator™ SysML Training Course provides 35 hours of MBSE and SysML online training, taught by the author of SysML Distilled. This course is divided into 14 on-demand modules, which you can view from any web-connected computer in the world via the richly interactive Adobe Connect webinar platform. You can view these modules as many times as you like for as long as you like; your access never expires.

  • Learn how to read and create all nine types of SysML diagrams to visualize and communicate system design
  • Learn model organization concepts and techniques with a SysML model created in a commercial-grade modeling tool
  • Answer 95 OCSMP certification exam sample questions, interspersed among the course content as formative assessment tools
  • Learn valuable OCSMP certification test-taking strategies
  • Receive a course completion certificate to document your earned Professional Development Units (PDUs) for technical certifications
  • Retain unlimited access to a library of on-demand training modules indefinitely
  • Learn SysML and MBSE from the author of SysML Distilled—a state-licensed educator, trained in pedagogy and assessment, and an OCSMP Model Builder: Advanced (Level 4) certified systems modeler


Download the course syllabus for complete details.

See what course participants have to say about the OCSMP Accelerator™ SysML Training Course; read the course testimonials below. Then, view Module 1the first three hours of the coursefor free and see for yourself. Register now.

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Module 1: Block Definition Diagrams, Part 1

Module 2: Block Definition Diagrams, Part 2

Module 3: Internal Block Diagrams

Module 4: Use Case Diagrams

Module 5: Activity Diagrams, Part 1

Module 6: Activity Diagrams, Part 2

Module 7: Sequence Diagrams, Part 1

Module 8: Sequence Diagrams, Part 2

Module 9: State Machine Diagrams, Part 1

Module 10: State Machine Diagrams, Part 2

Module 11: Constraints and Parametric Diagrams

Module 12: Package Diagrams

Module 13: Requirements Diagrams

Module 14: Allocations


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OCSMP Accelerator™ SysML Training Course testimonials

Clear, focused, concise and yet comprehensive within its subject. Lenny Delligatti manages to clearly convey understanding of SysML fundamentals covered by his SysML Distilled book while enhancing those basics with practical engineering examples and awareness of strengths and limitations of the language. His humor, patience with questions, and thoroughness made each of the 14 modules well worth the time. As I’d hoped, Lenny has made a useful addition to my professional problem-solving toolbox.

— N. Jay Harris, PE, Subsystems Engineer, GDLS

Our company was tasked with Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) support requirements by our customer which resulted in an immediate need to grow our core capability in MBSE and SysML. We had access to some background material but we were having difficulty tying all the varied SysML concepts together in a comprehensive package. Fortunately, we found a reference to Delligatti Associate’s first module on Block Definition Diagrams (BDD). Mr. Delligatti’s presentation style was excellent and his diagrams, examples, and insights provided the “glue” we needed to thoroughly grasp BDDs. We immediately knew we needed to complete all 14 modules to acquire the comprehensive understanding of SysML we needed to support our customer. Of special note is Mr. Delligatti’s use of checkpoint assessment questions to enhance our learning experience. These really drove home the concepts we needed to know. Many thanks to Mr. Delligatti for his thorough and exceptionally presented course.

— Dr. Greg Ahlquist, Lead Command and Control Engineer, BAE Systems

The SysML Training Course provided a thorough, comprehensive and digestible survey of the SysML language and Model Based Systems Engineering. Together with Lenny Delligatti’s SysML Distilled book, this training prepared me for my ultimate passing of the Level 1 and 2 certification exams.

— Kent Wong, Principal Systems Engineer, Aerojet Rocketdyne

Lenny’s MBSE book and course are very effective in understanding the intricacies of the SysML language. I would recommend both because they complement each other, and Lenny is both a clear writer and insightful teacher of the subject. You will walk away better equipped to contribute to your projects more effectively.

— Adam Atherton, PE, Systems Engineering Consultant, KEB, LLC

I found the OCSMP Accelerator™ SysML Training Course to be a great SysML course. I highly encourage anyone interested in learning SysML to take this class. The fact that there is a reference book for the course makes it more solid. Lenny led the course very effectively. He is a very patient and well-organized instructor. The course was well-balanced with SysML concepts and examples. In addition, Lenny made sure to provide excellent working questions after each new concept to instill the learning of the concepts. This course made SysML a fun language to learn. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning SysML.

— Ola Batarseh, Healthcare Sector

Lenny’s instruction format keeps the audience fully engaged. His sessions are thoughtfully interspersed with pop questions that enable students to apply the concepts and improve retention. The course’s on-demand format is a perfect solution for busy professionals seeking to gain SysML knowledge at their own pace. In a nutshell, “All you ever wanted to know about SysML but were afraid to ask” is what this course is all about!

— Deepak Haste, Director of Engineering, Qualtech Systems, Inc.

Before taking the OCSMP Accelerator™ SysML Training Course, I used to think I was fairly good at SysML. Now I know better. For example, I was unaware of some of the many rules and nuances of the SysML language that can make the meaning of a diagram quite different from what you first think. As a teacher, Lenny did an excellent job, and during the course I could really feel this is something he loves doing. Learning a standard can be quite boring, but Lenny managed to keep my interest up the whole time. His book, combined with the course and all its training material made me pass the OCSMP Model User exam with ease. The OCSMP Accelerator™ SysML Training Course is simply the best course I have taken in 20 years!

— Patrik Servin, Systems Engineer at Consoden AB

This course provides an excellent introduction to the SysML modeling language.  Lenny’s clear and concise communication style, his real-time use of a sample SysML model throughout the class, and the frequent learning checkpoint quizzes are a successful formula for rapidly understanding a difficult subject.  I highly recommend this course.

— Scott Boller, Principal Systems Engineer at Aerojet Rocketdyne

Lenny Delligatti combines his mathematics pedagogy experience with his thorough understanding of SysML to deliver this outstanding course tailored to the OCSMP SysML Certification exam. I can speak from personal experience that his logical and detailed presentation of the subject, in both the lectures and the book, SysML Distilled, was exactly what I needed to successfully pass this exam. I also appreciated his personal attention to my progress and response to my email questions as I viewed (and reviewed) the recorded lectures over a span of several months. For those who are excited about learning the emerging field of systems modeling and model-based system engineering, I can think of no better way than to get started with Lenny’s course.

— Kevin Empson, Systems Engineer at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Preparing for the time-constrained OCSMP examinations requires a thorough understanding of SysML’s intricacies. Lenny’s instruction and “formative assessment questions” are one of the best ways to gain the confidence needed to take and pass the OCSMP – Model User and OCSMP – Model Builder certification examinations.

— Tony Lindeman, PMP, CSEP-Acq, CBAP, OCSMP; Senior Systems Engineer

This course is an excellent resource for learning and developing SysML knowledge. The course content is well organized, and masterfully delivered by an excellent teacher in Lenny Delligatti. Lenny’s effective pedagogy and his passion for SysML are evident throughout the course, and they have increased my grasp and usage of SysML by leaps and bounds. Lenny’s course truly accelerated my learning by solidifying the key concepts of the SysML and connecting the various logic rules enabled by SysML to drive correctness, consistency, and concise communication of design. Having been a practitioner of model based systems engineering (MBSE), Lenny generously embedded in the course precious nuggets of insight from his experience in the broader concerns of modeling methodology and best practice. I heartily endorse this course for anyone who is embarking on the journey of MBSE, or a self-taught starter who wants to further solidify the SysML foundation systematically. You will be hard pressed to find a better teacher, evangelist, and companion on this journey than Lenny Delligatti.

— Charles Wei, Senior Systems Engineer at Abbott Diabetes Care, Abbott Laboratories, Inc.

Lenny is a great instructor. He has deep knowledge of the intricacies of the SysML language. In addition to his deep understanding of the SysML syntax, Lenny is passionate about the subject and his passion and energy make for a fun and effective learning experience.

— Bryan Pourciau, Senior Systems Engineer at Cyberonics, Inc.

For my job I was told to find and do an introductory course on SysML. I spent a few days researching options and course providers, and in the end decided on Lenny’s course as it seemed, from the description and the trial module, to be the most thorough. I also liked that the course is complimented by a textbook that contains a single example that is progressively developed using the various diagrams. The model file for this example is also available for download, which is very useful for peering behind the diagrams at the bare bones of the model itself. My experience with the course and the textbook was a very positive one. I am most impressed with Lenny’s skill as an educator. Not only is he gifted at explaining potentially hairy concepts clearly, but he teaches in such a way that shows that he is invested in his students. He has patience when it comes to reinforcing concepts, and he will go beyond the allocated lesson time if it means concluding the lesson to his satisfaction. He also replies to emails in a timely manner. The lessons are also cleverly structured with breaks for assessment tasks as well as questions from the learners. Even though the course is not specific to a vendor tool, I was able to teach myself the basics of Cameo Systems Modeller by trying to recreate his diagrams in the tool. All in all, I found the course very useful and enjoyable, and I hope others benefit from it the way I did.

— Daniel Hayden, Graduate Support Engineer at Square Kilometre Array Organisation

The content of this course is just what anybody needs to quickly get started in SysML. Loaded with concepts, rules, and definitions delivered with precision by an exceptional instructor. I highly recommend it.

— Jorge Maxit, Systems Engineer at Baker Hughes Inc.

SysML, which is the biggest enabler for Model Based Systems Engineering, has a broad scope which may sometimes challenge the practicing systems engineer. To overcome such challenges, you need to comprehend SysML well, preferably in a strongly motivated manner. The OCSMP SysML Certification exams provide you with that motivation through which you can test and prove your proficiency in SysML. Lenny Delligatti’s OCSMP Accelerator SysML Certification Training Course enables you to comprehend SysML and master every detail it offers to support your modeling efforts. Anyone with this comprehension at hand will certainly be ready for the OCSMP SysML certification exams. This training course deserves every cent you pay for it. The instructor is much more than an instructor. With his unique teaching skills, he always sparks enthusiasm. During the course, you will encounter many checkpoint questions which will prepare you well for the certification examinations. This course is a real fortune for those intending to practice MBSE.

— Özgür Eser Akdemir, M.S., Chief Researcher at TUBITAK UZAY Space Technologies Research Institute

Course material is well structured and made easy to understand even for people without a software background. Lenny explained the concepts in depth. He is a dedicated and patient teacher.

— Vaidehi Iyer, Quality Assurance Manager at Decision Sciences International Corporation

The subject area of MBSE (SysML/UML/OCL) can be very complex and daunting to the uninitiated. Many of the books and courses on MBSE dive right into the middle of this complex subject matter with little introduction to the core concepts. Lenny’s book and his online course take a more gradual approach to the material; this provides a great introduction to the subject and a solid foundation to build upon. This foundation is sufficient for the student to pass the first two exams for the OCSMP certification without additional study or materials (after all, it worked for me). Additionally, Lenny is a great teacher who gets the ideas across and keeps the material entertaining. I highly recommend this course!

— Wayne Carl, Chief Architect Aircraft Instruments at Ultra Electronics – Flightline Systems

Instructor was excellent in the knowledge of the subject and taught it in an easy to understand fashion, with great examples to review and recall from previous sessions.

— Kevin Orr, Systems Engineer at Boeing

Excellent course, instructor provides great instruction that engages the student and ensures comprehension of the material. The instructor’s broad knowledge and positive teaching style creates a learning environment that promotes student success. Highly recommend this course for systems, software, and hardware engineers preparing for the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) certification exams or for continued professional growth.

— Carlos De Los Santos, Product Engineer at Harris CapRock Communications

This a great course for anyone who wants to understand and learn the SysML language. I highly recommend taking this class if you want to pursue the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) certification exams or if you just want to expand your knowledge of the subject. The instructor has a broad knowledge of the subject and a great teaching method that helps the student learn easier.

— Kelly Rodrigues, Systems Engineering Specialist at Booz Allen Hamilton


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