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Important Note!

Participants enrolled in the OOSEM Accelerator™ MBSE Methodology Training Course must have an acceptable modeling and simulation tool installed on their computer prior to the start of training. 

The following is a list of products suitable for use in the OOSEM Accelerator™ MBSE Methodology Training Course:


      (Legacy) No Magic Products

  • Cameo Systems Modeler Enterprise Edition
  • Cameo Systems Modeler Architect Edition plus Simulation Toolkit plugin
  • Cameo Enterprise Architecture plus Simulation Toolkit plugin
  • MagicDraw plus SysML, Requirements Modeler, and Simulation Toolkit plugins

      (New) Dassault Systemés CATIA Magic Products

  • Magic Cyber Systems Engineer plus Magic Model Analyst plugin
  • Magic System of Systems Architect plus Magic Model Analyst plugin

If you do not have one of these products installed on the computer that you will use to attend the training, you must send a software download request to Dassault Systèmes at the following link:

Dassault Systèmes’ response time is 2 business days–DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE REQUESTS!


Follow the instructions provided by Dassault Systèmes to download and install the software, and make sure you attend the Modeling Tool Installation Readiness meeting the week before your class start date where an instructor will verify the software is properly installed and provide a license to activate the software. (Note: the day of this meeting is subject to change based on instructor availability.)

Please refer to your enrollment instructions email for details specific to your scheduled class. (You should have received this email after redeeming your access code. Check your junk/spam folder, and if you did not receive it, please send an email to

Note: no software is required for the OCSMP Accelerator™ SysML Training Course.


Learning Center Instructions

To access the courses, log into the Delligatti Associates Learning Center at

A site tour will begin automatically upon first login. It is highly recommended to complete the site tour if you have never logged in before.

The tour will help you learn how to navigate the LMS and provide helpful tips for using the system to provide a better user experience. 

You can also launch the site tour by clicking the ‘START TOUR’ button as shown below.

Please read and agree to the LMS Terms of Use.


Verify you are registered for the correct session by selecting “CLASSES” from the navigation menu below the top row of cards, or click the right arrow to advance the card carousel as shown below.

On the “Classes” card, you can scroll through the list of upcoming sessions to see which ones you are registered for. Sessions in green are ones you are registered for and sessions in grey are ones you are not registered for.

Note: each class is divided into 5 daily sessions for the OCSMP Accelerator™ SysML Training Course or 4 daily sessions plus a tool installation readiness session for the OOSEM Accelerator™ MBSE Methodology Training Course.

Clicking one of the daily sessions will open the session details pop-up window. Click “YES” to proceed to the calendar.

On the calendar, you will find upcoming sessions. Sessions shown in green are ones you are registered for and should attend at the scheduled date and time.

Note: you may have to click on the right arrow at the top of the calendar to advance to the correct month.

Clicking on the respective session link will open a session window as shown below. Clicking on “VIEW” from here will open a content window containing the course description as well as a link to view the session details.


To download your training materials, click the “GO TO LEARNING TRACKS” button on the welcome card, or select the learning track associated with your course from the ‘Learning Tracks’ card as shown below.

You can see your progress in the learning track from the progress bar under the learning track name. You can also see all learning tracks assigned to you by clicking the ‘VIEW ALL’ button.

Please note: clicking on “Library” will display training content items out of order.

The next page should display the list of learning tracks you have access to or the one you selected.

If ‘View‘ is set to “My Content” or “All Content” mode, the site will display the training content out of order. You will need to change the ‘View’ to “Learning Tracks” using the pull-down menu.

Then click “VIEW THIS TRACK” to see all the content items within the learning track.

Click the “LAUNCH THIS CONTENT” button.

You must agree to the terms of use to download the training materials.

After you agree to the terms of use, you should find the zip file in your downloads.

Number 4

On the scheduled start date, go to the calendar to select the first session.

Note: you can also launch the session from the “Classes” card on the welcome page. When you click on an active session, you will see the prompt “Would you like to launch this webinar?” instead of “Proceed to calendar?”.

The session window should have a “LAUNCH” link, which you will click to launch the session.

Teams should open in a new browser tab. You should join the Teams meeting via your browser.

Note: attempting to join via the Teams application will result in you being left in the waiting room indefinitely as the instructor will not be prompted to allow you to join.

Number 5

To receive your certificate of completion, you must verify your attendance for each session. The course instructor will provide an attendance verification code each day, which you will need to enter in your profile as follows: 

Click on the dropdown arrow next to your name in the top navigation bar, then click “Profile.”


Enter the code provided by your instructor in the pop-up window, then click “SUBMIT.” You briefly should see a green “Attendance Verified” notification at the bottom of the screen.

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