Live Online OOSEM Accelerator™ MBSE Methodology Training Course

28 hours of MBSE methodology live online instruction, taught by an OCSMP Model Builder: Advanced (Level 4) instructor. Learn INCOSE’s OOSEM modeling method while building a SysML model step-by-step hands-on in Cameo Systems Modeler.


The OOSEM Accelerator™ MBSE Methodology Training Course by Delligatti Associates is thoughtfully designed for systems engineering and systems modeling practitioners. It does an excellent job of fusing the OOSEM method with a SysML tool. The model extensions offered with the course provide substantive detail behind the major systems engineering methodologies. Overall it is a great fusion of sound training concepts and detailed hands-on training on OOSEM and SysML.

Bob Thomas, Principal Technical Staff, Draper

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About the course:

This course walks participants through the INCOSE Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM) modeling method as they build a model step-by-step hands-on in the Cameo Systems Modeler (a.k.a. MagicDraw) modeling and simulation tool. (Proficiency in SysML is a prerequisite for this course.)

What you will learn:

  • The roots of the return-on-investment from practicing MBSE – with supporting data 
  •  The design activities in the Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM) modeling methodology
  •  Creating an effective model structure for partitioning design elements and representing that model structure on SysML package diagrams
  • Capturing stakeholders and their concerns in a SysML model
  •  Modeling system use cases and actors with SysML use case diagrams
  •  Creating SysML activity diagrams to graphically represent system use case specifications
  •  Creating a structural model of a system’s domain and representing it on SysML block definition diagrams (BDDs) and internal block diagrams (IBDs)
  •  Modeling system requirements and traceability relationships with SysML requirements diagrams, matrices, and tables
  •  Creating a structural model of a system’s architecture and representing it on SysML BDDs and IBDs
  •  Creating a behavioral model of the system via decomposition of use case level behaviors
  •  Allocating system behaviors to system structures
  •  Modeling interfaces and object flow in dynamic and static views of the system
  •  Creating SysML state machine diagrams to represent the state-based behavior of system structures
  •  The mechanics of operating the MagicDraw SysML modeling tool to create and simulate a system model

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View a sample activity, “Define Logical Decomposition,” for free.

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