OCSMP Accelerator™ SysML Training Course

“Mr. Delligatti’s course is helping me create a very critical outcome: to remain relevant in systems engineering spaces now and in the future. I am a mid-career systems engineer at a large US Dept. of Energy Lab, and the migration to a Digital Ecosystem including but limited to MBSE is on! Knowing SysML is step 1 in delivering value to my program through modeling the system in such a way the Systems Engineering process and artifact generation takes a lot less time, is more accurate, and is more viewable by the whole team than via traditional means such as Microsoft Office. The course is self-paced, and we have 12 months – so I can learn over lunch and other downtime. It’s cliché but true – this course “fits into my busy schedule.” The quizzes throughout help me cement the knowledge. Finally, the scope is thorough and deep enough, that by the end I’ll have a vast exposure to most if not all the parts of SysML I’ll need. I’ll be able to jump into Cameo or a similar tool and really start to contribute and provide model authorship. I’ll be able to do more than ride in the side-car! This course is a bargain-value at twice the price, easily. I’ll be able to stay relevant and needed on my teams, well into the next decade thanks to this easy-to-digest course. I also feel I’ll be well-prepared for the certification exam (OCSMP) when the time comes. Thanks for putting together a solid course, with a running example that is complex enough to be useful!”

— Raymond, Systems Engineer, US Department of Energy

About the course: 

This course gives your team the fluency in SysML they need to express their system design decisions in the form of a SysML model. This course is sufficient in breadth and depth to prepare your team for Level 1 and Level 2 OCSMP (SysML) certification.

Taught by an OCSMP Model Builder: Advanced  (Level 4) certified systems modeler.

You will:

  • Learn to read and create all 9 types of SysML diagrams – to visualize and communicate system design
  • Learn model organization techniques with a SysML model created in a commercial-grade modeling tool
  • Assess your learning with 95 OCSMP certification exam sample questions, interspersed among the course content
  • Receive a course completion certificate to document your earned Professional Development Units (PDUs) for technical certifications

Live online training

  • Delivered live via Microsoft Teams
  • For groups of geographically distributed participants
  • 8 hours per day for 5 consecutive business days
  • View scheduled classes 

On-demand online training

  • Course content divided into 15 self-paced, on-demand modules
  • For individuals or groups
  • One year subscription, accessible via the internet
  • Go to our online store to purchase a subscription

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